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Create P.O.S Project Vendors & Customers

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P.O.S System Project Vendors & Customers

Vendors are those companies, firms, stores or indviduals that supply goods or items to be sold. They are responsible for providing the retail shop (using POS) with goods. Those goods are basicly the inventory or the stock. We deal with vendors using invoices (Purchase invoices) we buy goods from them and record those invoices in our POS System to create our inventory. We pay for those goods by cash now or later (Debitors)

Customers are those indviduals or stores that buy our goods or items. They consume the inventory or the stock by buying this stock from us (we sell) using (Sell Invoices) we record those (sell invoices) in our POS System. Customers pay cash now or later (Creditors).

AWe (POS System) buy goods from (Vendors), we create stock (+Inventory), we sell to (Customers) from our stock (-inventory).

The above explanation is the main process for Items in and out, cash in and out, inventory in and out.

Vendors & Customers Database table design

In my POS System Project example I will consider my POS System is in the U.S.A. My customers and vendors are from U.S.A. I will create Two tables one for us_states and another one for us_cities and I will store all us states and all us cities in both of them. I will then create a table for vendors and customers basic informataion 'basicInfo'. The three tables like this :

all us cities table. P.O.S System Project us cities table design. all us states table. P.O.S System Project us states table design.POS Vendors and Customers database table.P.O.S System Project Vendors & Customers table Design.

us states and us cities relationship is one-to-many

us cities and BasicInfo relationship is one-to-many

Units & kinds & Groups

Unit is an item definition (i.e. Item1 is a bundle of T-shirts where bundle is the unit, T-shirt is the kind and Item1 is the name of the item) this description is called (Item card description). Item Card Description ICD can be found on the Item itself or in the Purchase Invoice or the item. You need to maintain well descriped item cards to make it easy while selling or stocktaking your inventory.

Groups are inventory units (i.e: inventory or stock of raw materials where raw materials are the groups name) this group name in the stock can refer to many various items with this common description. it makes it easy in the stocktaking to group items by stock. Also groups can be warehouses name (i.e: stock in L.A. warehouse where L.A. warehouse is the group name). We will take closer look in the project and we will understand what does it mean to group items by stock.

Units & kinds & Groups Database table design

P.O.S System Project Stock Grouping table Design. P.O.S System Project Stock Grouping table Design.P.O.S System Project Kinds table Design.P.O.S System Project Kinds table Design. P.O.S System Project Units table Design. P.O.S System Project Units table Design.

Vendors, Customers, Units, Kinds, Groups Form design

We will create a sub directory in the bin/Debug directory for vendors, customers, units, kinds and groups. We will create five Visual Basic Windows Forms, like this :

P.O.S System Project Units table Design. P.O.S System Project Stock grouping windows form design, P.O.S System Project Units table Design. P.O.S System Project Units and Kinds windows form design, P.O.S System Project Units table Design. P.O.S System Project Vendors and Customers windows form design,

Vendors, Customers, Units, Kinds, Group Code idea.

Vendors and Customers

Vendors & Customers are joined in one database table called [BasicInfo]
DataGridview is used to populate BasicInfo table on the form.
When saving new Vendor or Customer we define [Btype] in the table 'Customer' or 'Vendor'.
Vendors or Customer BasicInfo are "{Name, Country, State, City, Phone, Mobile, Representative, Address, Notes}"
Vendors and Customers can be extended as needed to add more values.
Vendors will be responsible for supplying goods and items causing increase in inventory or stock and receive money now or later.
Customers will be responsible for consuming goods or items causing decrease in inventory or stock and pay money now or later.

Units and Kinds

Units and Kinds are joined in one Windows Form by TabControl with 2 Tabs.
Tab0 for Units and Tab1 for Kinds. Table [units] and table [kinds] represent both Tabs.
Units and Kinds are used to pre-define Items or goods bought from Vendors and sold to Customers.
DataGridview in each Tab is used to populate both tables on the Form with values from Database.
We process data by Save, Edit, Delete, Search by KeyDown event not KeyPress event.

Stock Groups

Groups is one form and one table [Groups]
Stock Groups are userful in inventory stocktaking process.
We process data by Saving, Edit, Seach, Delete and populate DataGridView with value from Database table.

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