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Create P.O.S Project MainForm & Menubar

Posted by P.O.S System on August, 2019

In our Small P.O.S System Project we use Logic/Scenarios. The main-form will have MenuStrip, it contains all Forms and except the Login-Form , which was embded in the Main-Form .

P.O.S System Project - Main Form Design and MenuStrip1.

P.O.S System Project Main Form Design

We use : StatusStrip to display some values, Timer1 to display Current Date&Time, MenuStrip to display Project Forms, ToolTip to display some guidance about MenuStrip Items
All MenuStrip Items have Icons and Png to show a cool-Responsive Form [User-Friendly Menu]
All MenuStrip Icons and Png are stored in a Project directory called "_Micos" placed in "<Drive>\POS\POS\bin\Debug\"

P.O.S System Project VS2015 Refrences used are :

P.O.S P.O.S System Project - Refrences added so far.

P.O.S System Project Main Form Code

Source Code for POS System Project - the current chapter [Main Form] will be present in the end of this chapter. The [Main Form] code works like this :

Admin logs in, Admin creates [Users], Admin has access to all MenuStrip items, [User] has access to only [Sell] item
P.O.S System Project MenuStrip1 contains "{File,User Management,Items,Purchase,Sell,Expenses,Inventory,Cash,Reports,Help}"
[File]->[Manage Database, Change Background,Exit]
[Manage Database]->{"Compact & Repair","Copy to .. BackUp"}
"Compact & Repair"->Reduces the MS-Access 2007 (*.accdb) File size on disk,
"Copy to .. BackUp"->Copy MS-Access 2007 (*.accdb) File to another location.
"Change Background"->Replaces the current MainForm background image with a user-defined image from hard drive and keeps it.
[User] changes background image and use Sell item only, I use class 'Microsoft.win32.Registrykey' to save Values in the Registry.
[User] logs in, then MenuStrip items Disabled except [File->Change Background, Exit] and [Sell].
[Login]-> Remember me 'Checkbox' uses 'Microsoft.win32.Registrykey' to save Values in the Registry.
Compact & Repair-> we use Microsoft.Office.interop.access.dao (v. 12.0 ms-access2007)
Copy to ... BackUp-> we use FolderBrowserDialog to copy the database file to any desired location.


P.O.S System Project MainForm source code

If you have not already downloaded the Part1 source code (P.O.S System User Login/Registration Form), it is OK. Each part was made so easy as if it was written separately. The idea of deviding the whole project into parts, is to document my steps through the whole Small P.O.S System Project. I'm developing this project as I write those pages day by day.

P.O.S System Project MainForm Video

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