P.O.S System Project in Visual Basic 2015

Planning my Small P.O.S System Project

Posted by P.O.S System on July, 2019

P.O.S System Project

First of all, let me say that P.O.S stands for Point Of Sale. Point Of Sale is a System consists of a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner and also include a debit/credit card reader.

Free Download Point Of Sale project with source code in VB2015,Visual Basic .Net 2015 You don't need all those tools to create P.O.S System, those are just most common requirements.

Which Visual Studio version and .net to use?

I will be using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 with .Net 4.5.2 and I will set my Visual Studio Project to work with any CPU. Don't forget to open Visual Studio 2015 as Adminstrator. Then create a new Windows Form Application.

Free Point of sale open source code in VB, visual basic 2015 P.O.S System Project Planning - Create new VS2015 Project as Adminstrator in .Net 4.5.2 Windows Form Application

What would the client require ?

A small P.O.S System client would require an application that :
Control and maintain all daily processes (i.e: Customers, vendors, items or cash) Data entry.
Get information about system items anytime (i.e: available quantities, debits or revenues from sales ..... ,etc)
Invoicing (i.e: Sell invoices, purchase invoices) processing, displaying and printing.
Fast On-time calculations of daily processes with customers, vendors or employees (i.e: Selling, buying or installments)
Keep track of customer installments (i.e: customer due payment date or due dates)
Small Inventory management to monitor stock "in & out" according to sell and purchase transactions at any time.
Printable reports for sell invoices, purchase orders, cash flow at any time...... etc.

Which database should I use?

Many database solutions are in hand and most of them are free to redistribute (redist) and develop with, such as :

Microsoft Access Database
Microsoft SQL Server Database
Advantage Database
MySql Database
Oracle Database

I pick up Microsoft Access Database 2007, because :
Easy to integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio.
Easy to develop with.
Available in most Windows versions.

Which Reporting Software should I use?

Reports are printable by default, you may choose the Visual Studio built-in Report Viewer or you may want to consider more user-friedly Software SAP Crystal Reports. I will use SAP Crystal Reports (CR4VS) because it is free and easy to use and integrate with Visual Studio and it comes with redist MSI that matches the development version, also it is suitable for all Microsoft Windows arch. 64bit and 32bit.

The P.O.S Life Cycle

The POS application starts with User registration/Login process and ends with calculating cash in&out and customers due payments dates

Download free POS Visual Basic Free Source code
Pre-defined "Admin" creadentials "{username & password}" in the database table (i.e: "{Admin,AdminPass}")
Admin Panel, Admin creates users.
Register some Customers ,Vendors.
Purchase invoices contain Items, so Items only source is Purchase Invoices.
We Purchase Items (Cash and due).
Primary Stock come from Purchase Invoices.
Sell Items to Customers (Cash and due)
Expense = Rent + User Salary + .... etc.
Inventory now = Primary Stock - Sold Items - Customer Returned Items + Vendor Returned Items
Cash in = Cash from Customers "Cash Sell Invoice" + Due Payments
Cash out = Cash to Vendors "Cash Purchase Invoice" + Expenses + Due Payments
Reports for Late Due Customers "Customer did not pay installment today", Available Quantities, Cash in&out details.

Prepare My Microsoft Access Database

In previous step we created POS project, now we will create MS-Access2007 Database file :
Navigate to "<Drive>\POS\POS\bin\Debug" and create new directory called "Database"
Navigate to "<Drive>\POS\POS\bin\Debug\Database" and create New Microsoft Access 2007 Database and rename it to "mydb.accdb"
Open MS-Access "mydb.accdb", From Database Tools-> Encrypt Database.

Open Exclusive"mydb.accdb" and set MS-Access Database Password and write it down so you won't forget it.

Free source code POS in vb.net P.O.S System Project Database - Encrypt Database with Password
reate new table, call it "usrs"
Open table "usrs", add Admin Values "{usrNM:POS_Admin , usrPWD:AdminPass, usrRole:Admin, drCreated:Any_Date}"
POS System Project source code free download P.O.S System Project Database - user registration/Login Table in MS-Access 2007 Database.

We have so far

Visual Studio 2015 Project
Microsoft Access Database 2007 "mydb.accdb" with one table called "usrs"
Create "Admin" values in table "usrs"
Admin photo "usrImg" in table "usrs' will be populated from "CreateUsrs.vb" Form.
Field "dtCreated" will be set from within the MS-Access2007 Database.